Monday, October 15, 2007


Howie Sock Puppets, and Greg Hill's contract extended

On a day when
a hearing is scheduled
on Howie Carr's request to depart WRKO, it appears
The Talk Station has put Howie back the form of a sock puppet at
their site. "Virtual Howie" allows people, with the click of a mouse, to hear Howie's voice say various things. Even though the real Howie has been off air since Sept. 18, the day before his WRKO contract expired.

Howie feels he should be able to go to WTKK to be their morning man but a judgement
on Sept. 19 ruled that while Entercom's "non-compete clause" was not valid, the
"right to match" is. Howie's debut on WTKK was set for Sept. 20 but instead he
has benched himself from WRKO--a station which feels he is their property
for another five years.

Meanwhile, Entercom HAS signed one of their announcers for five more years:
Greg Hill of WAAF 107.3/WKAF 97.7. "The entire Entercom Boston family is thrilled to have Greg Hill on our airwaves for another five years,” Vice President and Market Manager for Entercom New England Julie Kahn said in an Entercom press release.

Howie Carr and his lawyers were in Suffolk Superior Court yesterday along with Entercom's
lawyers, as Howie tried to get the judge to reconsider his ruling in the "right to
match" case. According to this Herald article...

...a ruling could come soon. The Herald's Jessica Heslam said that Howie's attorney
(Bret Cohen of Mintz Levin) referenced a case involving boxer Rocky Marciano.
"Cohen said Carr’s contract with WRKO ended last month and that the law says 'you cannot have a contract
to agree to a contract in the future"; meanwhile
Entercom's attorney Shep Davidson used a case involving a Celtics player to claim
that Entercom has the rights to Howie until 2012. Also he said that since
there was a never a "gap in employment", Entercom still had a right to match.
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