Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Howie Carr Loses His Case--For now?

The Herald's Jessica Heslam

"Howie Carr has hit another road block in his quest to join rival station WTKK, with a judge today denying the radio host’s request to reverse an earlier decision that the right to match provision in his WRKO contract is valid and enforceable. Suffolk Superior Court Judge Allan van Gestel also denied WRKO’s request for a preliminary injunction, which would have banned WTKK executives from talking to Carr, and making any public statements about him, for the next five years."

in the Globe

"...remains under contract with his current employer, WRKO-AM, a judge ruled today. But the ruling, issued this morning by Suffolk Superior Court Judge Allan van Gestel, sharply ratchets up Carr’s salary to match the offer given by a competing radio station."

So does Howie appeal? Does he sit out radio, or possible try to get on WTKK
(and risk a lawsuit)? Or does he go back to WRKO, a station he did not intend
to work for anymore? And if he does return to WRKO (and the "Howie Carr
Network"), does Entercom have to match those performance incentives Greater
Media was dangling in front of him? Does he get the WRKO morning show?
Who knows.
The judge is saying that since Howie was employed by Entercom in
July when Greater Media offered him a deal, they had the right to match, but does
that also mean Howie is being forced to accept Entercom's offer?

Enough is enough...While RKO would have to let it's cash cow go, letting him go would at least free it's listeners from limbo. It's so painful listening to Todd Fienberg do his show everyday, I think even Todd feels bizarre about doing it. You know if Howie is forced back on RKO, he will use it as a chance to rail on the morning "felon" and probably get booted anyway.

It is obvious that RKO is scared that Howie is going to kill Finneran in a head to head matchup. So that is why Howie is stuck in Limbo. I don't mind Todd Fienburg, he's OK, but RKO has really ticked me off with this whole situation. I would have continued listening to Howie's vacated slot but I'm boycotting it until the situation is resolved.
I'm sure Fienberg is a nice guy but Howie he ain't... I've quit tuning in over the web for now cause it's just not worth it anymore!!! I wonder if Howie called the judge out for doing something a few years ago or what? How many more!!!
Today's Herald messenger blog has a
statement from WTKK owner
Greater Media saying they fully
support Howie's appeal. They also
say they are committed to their
employees and could never imagine
having to force one to work against his will rather than pursue a
better opportunity.
I still don't understand why Entercommie is doing this. It makes them look so bad. Anyone contemplating going to work for them has to have 2nd thoughts (and 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.)
What's wrong with that stupid judge anyway? This is so unfair to Howie and to all his loyal listeners! WRKO needs to let Howie go, so we can get back to hearing him on the radio, whether it be mornings or afternoons. I MISS HOWIE!!!
The left must be happy - which begs the question -- Is there any level not to stoop below? Now they even have women flashing in an effort to raise money to get Obama elected!? I saw it at http://breastsforobama.com! Whatever it takes apparently - but also desperate
**The left must be happy...***

What makes this a left vs right issue...?
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