Wednesday, September 19, 2007


WUMB turns 25 today.....!

WUMB, the "Little Station That Could" turns 25 today and is celebrating all day today.

Folk station celebrates its deep roots

For those unaware of WUMB, you might want to check out their website.

WUMB got it's license in 1982 (the last license awarded in the City of Boston?), at a time when few would have given it a chance.

Since then, hey've surprised a lot of people, expanded their signal in the North and South. And after some varied programming, have settled into a nice little folk format...and a loyal listener base as well.

Happy Birthday to WUMB!

I remember someone in Salem was upset when my station, WMWM (Salem State) would turn on for the day--because we obliterated WUMB's signal. Of course we're licensed to Salem as it is, and we explained that (in MOST cases, unless you're right near the college, you could pick up BOTH stations). He even said he was part of a group called "91.9 not 91.7". Preferred the folk to alternative rock (though maybe he would have liked my blues show, which has some folk, had he known about it :) )
WUMB has recently alleviated this problem in parts of the area by putting a 35 watt repeater on 101.5 in Gloucester, which can be heard (though weakly) over the water in some of the WMWM coverage area on the North Shore.
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