Saturday, September 22, 2007


Where does Cary Pahigian fit into all this...?

Now that this Howie Carr situation is getting messy.....where does Cary Pahigian fit into all of this?

It was a surprise when we learned that an active GM for Saga Communications in Portland Maine was acting as Howie's agent. Does he bear any responsibility for this legal mess?

Peter Kenney has some thoughts on Cary....

(If the above link doesn't work for some reeason, you can cut/paste this link for Peter Kenney's blog article:

Dan Kennedy also has some thoughts.....

Howie's unusual agent

That link doesn't work but if you click on it and cut and paste the URL (from "properties") into your browser
it should work.
(i.e., the first link)
Thanks Raccoon....don't know why that 'link' didn't work.....but like you said the cut/pasting of it will....
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