Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Not so fast Howie....!

Yesterday there was a hearing on the Howie/Entercom/WRKO/GrMedia/WTKK saga. Today a judge issues a ruling.

Ruling issued in Howie Carr case

A Suffolk Superior Court judge issued a memo today on several motions in the increasingly-convoluted legal case between Howie Carr and his employer WRKO, which could mean that Carr can't jump to rival station WTKK as planned.

Now it's apparent that Howie won't be on WTKK for the first day of the fall rating period.

Howie: taking time off

BTW...Here is the Herald's Jessica Heslam's story on the yesterday's hearing

Ruling leaves Howie Carr in limbo

Interesting to note that on his last day of his contract with WRKO...Howie isn't on the air.

Was that Entercom "locking him out"...or was it Howie showing that he won't work for WRKO in any circumstances???
Now that his signed agreement with WRKO has expired....WRKO is still calling it the "How Carr Show".
As far as WRKO is concerned the contract hasn't expired. In their
opinion, they matched his offer
and own him for the next 5 years.
He has "benched himself" though in the hope he can appeal. They need to prove that WRKO hasn't really fully matched the offer (what about all
those incentives?).

That's the reason why he didn't debut at 96.9. Yes, the non-compete clause was illegal but the matching offer part was not--and thus Entercom feels they still can call it The Howie Carr Show because he could come back if he wants. Trouble is, Howie may be forced to come back to WRKO, unless a legal way out can be obtained
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