Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Howie....Part 62.....

In the ongoing drama of the Howie Carr affair, here is an update from the Herald's Jessica Heslam:

Carr off the air as he awaits ruling on contract

"Now, legal experts say Carr’s options include (1) appealing the judge’s order, (2) sitting it out, (3)going back to WRKO or (4)having all three parties sit down and talk. The court has set a status review of the case for Oct. 15."

As far as his options, I don't know how long option 1 would take....we all know the delays that happen with appeals, but if he could get a quick appeal heard this, no doubt would be the best choice.

As far as option 2....we don't know how long "sitting it out" would last...3 months? 5 years? That's still unclear.

Option 3 seems unlikely after all the bad blood.

Option 4 seems to be the likely option....unless one of the parties is obstinate.

In case you missed the article mentioning Howies salary at WRKO last year:

WRKO paid 'servant' Carr $790,000

And here are some details of the proposed WTKK deal:

Report: Carr's WTKK/Boston Deal Worth Up to $7 Million

Comments: has an excerpt from a Boston magazine article that praises Billy Bulger and trashes Howie Carr.
The mag's editor just happens to
be married to WRKO's Julie Kahn.
Nice...You know they really like
you over there on Guest St.,
Howie, and can't wait till you
get back on the air.
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