Thursday, September 20, 2007


Howie explains it all....

Howie Carr did a sit down interview with Ch. 4.

Here is the raw video of that interview.

Howie Carr Discusses WRKO Feud, Life As Radio Host

According to the Herald:

"WRKO wants him back on its airwaves. The station continues to advertise Carr’s show in the newspaper and still touts him on the air and on its Web site. Todd Feinburg has taken over Carr’s old afternoon-drive show for this week. “Howie will not be on WRKO. We do expect him to be on WTKK in the near future,” Carr spokeswoman Nancy Sterling said yesterday. Now, legal experts say Carr’s options include appealing the judge’s order, sitting it out, going back to WRKO or having all three parties sit down and talk. The court has set a status review of the case for Oct. 15."
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