Friday, September 14, 2007


Carr hopes to start on WTKK on 9/20, but lawyers may interfere

The Herald says Howie Carr intends to move his show to
WTKK FM 96.9 next Thursday, a day after his WRKO contract expires. However
nothing is etched in stone yet as lawyers are at the ready. WRKO claims
they have matched WTKK's offer but Carr's attorneys claim it's not so
and further they say that any non-compete clause is illegal in this state.
It's possible Carr could be off for an extended period, especially if
an emergency restraining order keeps him from starting right away
at WTKK.

Or he could well be moving to WTKK by next week, along with Sandy, Happy,
the death pool, "Mumbles" cuts, and "Winky the elephant". While Carr can't
directly mention his move on the air, he has been throwing hints (as have
WTKK hosts Michael Graham and Jay Severin)

I think it's all but a done deal that Howie will appear on WTKK either on or before 10/1.

I think all parties are resigned to the inevitable.
From all the references Howie has made on air (and the WTKK hosts' "hints")
it seems that way, though some feel
(see the radio-info board) that
Howie may have to take some time off till things are settled. I get the idea that it may be settled, though
(and supposedly insiders are saying
that it will happen, and soon).

But, as they say on the Inside
Track, "do stay tuned"...
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