Monday, August 13, 2007


Entercom locks out Dennis and Callahan

Front page news in today's Herald: WEEI's morning team of John Dennis and Gerry Callahan are being
locked out by station owner Entercom in a contract dispute.

John and Gerry, whose sports talk (with a twist of comments on news events)
has produced high ratings for the sports talker, have a contract that is due
to end in early September. The station says it has given a good offer
but Dennis and Callahan feel they are worth more for what they have
brought to WEEI.

Now, as the station prepares for their annual Jimmy Fund telethon, the
morning team has been benched. This comes on the heels of the Howie
Carr controversy, as Entercom's WRKO may soon lose their afternoon
drive personality to rival WTKK (Greater Media). Supposedly Carr
made $790,000 at WRKO last year. According to today's Herald article,
the station asked him to take a $50,000 pay cut.

After paying a reported $16 million a year (for 10 years) for Red Sox
rights, Entercom has had to make some cutbacks (such as WRKO's news
department). Now, the company's stinginess in the wake of the huge
Sox deal may be coming back to bite them, as Dennis, Callahan,
and Carr may soon head elsewhere.

Thank God Entercom came to their senses....D & C are over rated, not interesting and a Howard Stern wanna-be...sports is an after thought with them's more about their political views - if I want that I will listen to NPR or BZ.

EEI had a nice run but it is sliding downhill...Big O included.
I agree, they aren't as great as they think they are. I haven't missed Calahan. I enjoy Meterparel. I say give him a decent co-host and give him a shot. If Mustard and Johnson are given the morning I'll stop listening. Also, stop the parade of sports writers as fill in hosts, they suck. They are good for interviews and segments based on topics that they cover but to listen to them host a show is painful. I think EEI has almost built a family/brand. If Dennis and Calahan moved to another station, I wouldn't switch the dial to listen.
It's a PR move by the blowhards at EEI to get some air and newspaper time for their station - its a weak attempt by Jason Wolfe to recreate the "excitement" when Mike Adams "locked himself in" D&C are being locked out...hmmmmm

I agree with above poster - if Mustard and Johnson remain on air I will look elsewhere...Also agree that sportswriters as co-hosts also suck...same group of 4-5 writers with same tired opinions...all the other big time shows manage to get by with 1 or 2 hosts (Dan Patrick, WFAN, ESPN crew) why does Big O need so much help from local media folk??? Because he is mailing it in perhaps??? Everyone talks at original opinions (hello Pete Shappard)...and juvenile humor (Smerlas anyone?)
agreed agreed agreed,
Ordway hasn't been relevant since 1995. He is so tired one would think with all of his worldly radio knowledge that he would see the big picture clearly enough to see that HE isn't in it. He needs to move on and let someone, anyone else have the mic in te afternoon.
Also, since when does being a milktoast take-zero-risks, have no provocative views or statements TV sports reporter give you the right to come on the radio? Dale Arnold Anyone!!???! (Since John Dennis did it and he's been fooling the suckers in radio for years... robotic comes to mind) Thats what all of these TV retreads sound like when they come on the radio... everyone last one of them...
They are out of their league and element Stay in the TV studios and do us all a favor TV guys!!!
DC are way too political for a sports morning show... How about bringing in Ryen Rusello as Dennis's replacement LOL!!
Get rid of Callahan, "Headlines" and meterparel. Get Dennis a new partner: Neumie anyone? and get back to sports. Neumie HATES the "Headlines" component. Agree if Mustard, Johnson and/or Dickerson get a spot, i will give up on EEI forever.
B.S. This is crap if they want to play games with their core audience they shouldn't expect us to continue listening. If D&C are gone in the morning I'm tuning elsewhere. If they show up on another channel I'm going with them
I can't get enough of D&C love hearing their political barbs and meter.
Hurry Bring them back.
They are back as of tomorrow. 5 year deal.
Unless i missed it no mention of Palin not knowing what the Bush doctrine was !!!It amazes me how you let these two political goons get away with their political views being so one sided.If it was mentioned then very little was mentioned but if a democrat would of been so unaware they would of been all over it.SHAMEFUL IS THE WORD
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