Saturday, August 25, 2007


Two talk radio bits

Boston Radio Watch reports
that WTKK will start to air talk-show-spoof host
Phil Hendrie
starting on Sept. 10 from 1-4 am. The show originates on the West
Coast and in the past featured Hendrie doing multiple voices.

Also WNSH 1570 in Beverly MA is off air for a few days as its signal gets boosted
to 30,000 watts days (still 85 watts at night). Owner Keating Willcox said the station
is still "talk for women, by women" during the daytime despite the loss of
the Greenstone Media Network; hosts like Dr. Joy Brown, Doug Stephan, and
Ellis Henican--Stephan and Henican both have female co-hosts...

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Nassau, Entercom Deal to Push WEEI Further

Rumor had it that Nassau Broadcasting would set up a regional sports radio network to
rival WEEI--a move that would result in Classical 99.5, WCRB Lowell--switching to
sports. But Entercom has instead filed a letter of intent to have WEEI simulcast
on 11 Nassau-owned stations instead, in such places as Portland, Maine; Cape Cod; Lebanon, N.H.; Concord, N.H.; and Montpelier, Vt.

Details are in this
Boston Globe
article and also in the

And still no word of where Dennis and Callahan will wind up...

The deal gives Entercom half of WCRB, which will indeed remain classical.
More details have emerged via a Herald article: Entercom paid $10 million for its half of WCRB;
Callahan's friend John McGuire was the one who tried to set up a regional sports network
with WCRB as flagship...

It's said the sports programming on the Nassau stations will start next month. There won't
be Red Sox or Celtics games (which are apparently on other stations in the markets, I'd
guess) and "Patriots Monday" also won't be on the new simulcast stations.

UPDATE: According to NorthEast
Radio Watch
, 6 of the 11 stations to carry WEEI have been decided. Pixy 103
on Cape Cod, WEMJ 1490 in Laconia NH, WLVP 870 and WLAM 1470 in Portland ME,
and two stations in the Upper Valley: WNHV 910 White River Jct VT and
WTSV 1230 Claremont NH)

Monday, August 13, 2007


Entercom locks out Dennis and Callahan

Front page news in today's Herald: WEEI's morning team of John Dennis and Gerry Callahan are being
locked out by station owner Entercom in a contract dispute.

John and Gerry, whose sports talk (with a twist of comments on news events)
has produced high ratings for the sports talker, have a contract that is due
to end in early September. The station says it has given a good offer
but Dennis and Callahan feel they are worth more for what they have
brought to WEEI.

Now, as the station prepares for their annual Jimmy Fund telethon, the
morning team has been benched. This comes on the heels of the Howie
Carr controversy, as Entercom's WRKO may soon lose their afternoon
drive personality to rival WTKK (Greater Media). Supposedly Carr
made $790,000 at WRKO last year. According to today's Herald article,
the station asked him to take a $50,000 pay cut.

After paying a reported $16 million a year (for 10 years) for Red Sox
rights, Entercom has had to make some cutbacks (such as WRKO's news
department). Now, the company's stinginess in the wake of the huge
Sox deal may be coming back to bite them, as Dennis, Callahan,
and Carr may soon head elsewhere.

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