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Just a couple of administrative things....

If you look to on the left hand side of this blog, you will see some links to the Boston radio dial...AM & FM. These links will bring you to each stations official web site. This list, I suppose, could go on forever and ever and include more and more suburban stations....but the list supposes that you are in downtown Boston and cruising the radio dial. These are the stations that come in pretty reliably, and have a reasonable listenership in Boston.

I have added an asterisk to the stations that offer the ability to 'Listen Live' from their individual websites. I think we covered all of the stations that have streaming available..... Have we missed any? Let me know!

Also...The 'Personalities Web Sites', a list of Boston personalities that have their own personal web site is listed a bit lower down on the left side as well. They are now in alphabetical order. Have we missed any? Let me know! ;-)
(A couple of jocks have streaming available on their web site as well.)

And now, in case you hadn't heard....

Here's an Imus/Barnacle update:


Barnicle nixes new deal

Thanks, but no thanks. That's the word from Mike Barnicle, who surprised the suits at WTKK yesterday by turning down a two-year contract to continue hosting the station's morning show. "It takes an enormous amount of time and energy," said Barnicle, who's been doing three hours of drive time since Don Imus was dismissed in April. "I have the energy, but I don't have the time." Or, maybe, the interest. The former Globe columnist, who does a lot of work these days for NBC, regularly belittles the right-wing blowhards who dominate local talk radio. "Everything in life needs balance, especially talk radio," said Barnicle, who has promised to stay until the station finds a new host. Candidates for his replacement could include Jim Braude, who co hosts a show on 96.9 FM Talk from noon to 3 p.m., and John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, whose contract with WEEI is up.

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