Thursday, July 12, 2007


Howie Carr update...

Howie Carr came back from vacation today.

There was specualtion about whether or not WRKO would let him back on the air, due to his signed contract with WTKK.

Alas, at 3PM today...Howie appeared in his time slot on WRKO.

Every hour he's been reading a "statement" about how he will NOT be discussing on the air his current "situation".

WRKO has stated they intent to keep Howie Carr on board....claiming the contract allows them to renew him for another year, the right-of-first refusal, the 90-day non-compete...and the claim of exclusive bargaining rights.

Howie Carr has responded with a lawsuit against WRKO.

You can find a copy of the complaint here....

Will Howie last on WRKO until September 19th?

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