Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Howie Carr Moving to WTKK

"The Carr That Drives Boston Home" is most likely moving from AM to FM; from Guest St. in Brighton to Morrissey Blvd. in Dorchester, and from Entercom to Greater Media.

Sources say Howie Carr, longtime WRKO-AM host, is signing a five-year
deal with Greater Media to be morning drive host on 96.9 FM Talk.

has more details. Supposedly Carr's last WRKO show would be on
Sept 19 and he'd debut on 96.9 FM Talk on Oct. 1. This is considered a huge
blow to WRKO, which is losing a marquee name with high ratings, and
millions of ad dollars could now be migrating to FM.

This is a disaster for WRKO, which now would have its former afternoon host competing in morning drive against Tom Finneran, and a boon to WTKK which now removes Carr from competing against its own Jay Severin--by adding him to the 96.9 FM Talk lineup in mornings.

UPDATE: The Herald reports that Carr is now
suing WRKO
claiming they are preventing him from moving to WTKK.

Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix
writes that it's best that Howie
should leave WRKO, which is in a downward spiral.

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