Thursday, July 19, 2007


DJ in Ptown Police Scuffle.....

Police blamed for undue force

"PROVINCETOWN — Police have come under heavy criticism for an incident over the weekend in which four officers subdued a disc jockey at a private party, allegedly throwing him against a wall and causing serious facial injuries."

"Boston DJ Barry Scott, who anchors the radio show “Lost 45s with Barry Scott” on CBS radio affiliate FM103.3, was arrested at a 40th birthday party after police had come to the house three times asking him to turn the music down."

Maybe it's me....but if police have to respond to a house THREE times in the same can expect the police to be a little more forceful in their request to "turn the music down". After all, why did they have to respond the second and third time? Did the partygoers ignore the police's requests earlier?

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the full story.

geee how long was this up oin the blog before someone copied it to the radio-info board?

least they could do is give credit or post a link....
trying to remember if I got the story from this board or not when I posted it on radio-info. Will give credit (I usually do, give my source)! Apologies.
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