Thursday, June 21, 2007


Paul Sullivan leaves WBZ for health concerns

WBZ's Paul Sullivan has decided to retire from WBZ, after one final show on
Thursday, June 28th. The press release from
CBS Radio Boston
has more details including a statement from Paul himself.
While he may occasionally do some contributions for the station, he will no longer
do a nightly talk show.

Sullivan has had four surgeries in a battle against brain cancer.

Sullivan says, "I will always remain a part of the WBZ family and am honored to have followed David Brudnoy doing a night time talk show on WBZ. But for the time being my health is going to be my focus, my full time job. I will still be keeping any eye on politics, on Beacon Hill, the fifth congressional district in Lowell, and elsewhere.
On a day to day basis I feel fine. I am up and alert and going out for lunches and walks when I can. I don’t need constant care but what my illness and treatments have taken from me is the energy needed to do my show five nights a week."

Jordan Rich has done an incredible job sitting in for Paul and it would be a shame if Peter Casey didn't
reward him with the full time slot. Let Dan Shea do
weekends for a while and pay some dues.
Both Dan Rea and Jordan Rich have done so well in the Paul Sullivan slot...the reason being that they are both men of integrity and intelligence. Hopefully, the next night time host will be chosen from either of these two good men, or be someone who can really contribute to the common good as they have.
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