Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Open Source....gone fishing?

Looks like Chris Lydon and Mary McGrath have hung out the "Gone Fishin" sign.

This note was posted today...

We Interrupt This Program…

Q #1.---Will the show be back? With the current business plan, it couldn't continue. But if it is to come back in the fall, they will have to make some changes. What changes? The first thing I would do is remove all the ancillary things attached to the program. Eliminate the blog, web site, podcast...and concentrate on ONE thing...Making a great Radio Program! I think that the concept that was behind Open Source was complicated to the average listener who simply wants a great radio program to listen to. I think all these other efforts were a distraction from putting a great product on the air each night.

Q #2.---Can Chris Lydon go back to WBUR? Lydon would have to give up his insistance upon 'owning' the show. Management has changed at WBUR. The headstrong Jane Christo is gone. If Chris can swallow his pride, and see WBUR as a 'partner' in the venture (as opposed to seeing it as "picking Jane Christo's cotton"), he just might have a sucessful show and a long career. (Not sure if the salary would be in the range it was before.....$400,000?)

Q #3.---Can Chris Lydon go anywhere else? Chris Lydon is a different animal, and whenever I have heard him on commercial talkradio...he sounds like a fish out of water...out of his element. HOWEVER...there is now an opening at WBZ for the evening program. Could he fit in at WBZ? Does he sound that much different than David Brudnoy? Brudnoy showed us that there was room for a more intellectual-type of show.

Summer is here, and it would be a good opportunity to have Chris Lydon do some fill-ins at WBZ. Another question comes up...Can Chris drop his insistance on doing an "Open Source"-type of show...with all of it's tentacles....or can he concentrate on simply doing a good local talk show?

I think it would be good to see if WBZ and Lydon are a good fit.

Otherwise, I think the best option is to go back to WBUR and do what he does best.

I have to say that I agree with you, that Chris is better suited to a more conventional, or even opinionated format. At the same rate, the blog and internet-inspired model is full of enormous potential and I think it could be pulled off by a different host and executive producer.
As long as you're talking WBZ, don't forget WTKK. Yes, it's thought of more as a conservative talker, but Imus was relatively liberal. So Lydon could potentially help fill the very large holes that 'TKK has in their lineup right now.
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