Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Boston's aBlaze....!

In a surprise move, Greater Media has let go of Paula O'Connor as PD of 96.9 FM Talk WTKK. She was immediately replaced by the newly available Grace Blazer who comes from WPHT in Philadelphia.

Globe: Blazer In Beantown, Becomes PD At 96.9FM Talk

WPHT in Philadelphia is the former (and historic) WCAU at 1210AM....one of CBS's original stations in 1922. It has a great signal at night that can be heard after sunset in Boston almost like a local station.

"A series of power increases brought the station to 50,000 watts, allowing it to cover most of the eastern half of North America at night."

WPHT has created an apparently sucessful and local morning show with Michael Smerconish.

With the loss of Imus.....one can only imagine that creating/finding a new morning show for WTKK was a top priority for Greater Media...and the reason for the PD change.

I was a big fan of "That's My Life" show on WMSX. Any chance of it coming back on the air on some Boston station?
Grace will have to find someone to do the morning show; a blog entry on the Herald's site says that according to Greater Media, Mike Barnicle is taking himself out of the running for what had been the Imus slot. He will continue to do 6-10 am for now but I
think once a reg. host can be found
for 6-9, he could go back to doing
just the one hour (9-10am)

His commitments to NBC/MSNBC and
coverage of the '08 election are
a factor in

this decision

(I had read earlier that Mike wasn't too crazy about doing 'extended hours' and this confirms it)
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