Saturday, June 30, 2007



Just a couple of administrative things....

If you look to on the left hand side of this blog, you will see some links to the Boston radio dial...AM & FM. These links will bring you to each stations official web site. This list, I suppose, could go on forever and ever and include more and more suburban stations....but the list supposes that you are in downtown Boston and cruising the radio dial. These are the stations that come in pretty reliably, and have a reasonable listenership in Boston.

I have added an asterisk to the stations that offer the ability to 'Listen Live' from their individual websites. I think we covered all of the stations that have streaming available..... Have we missed any? Let me know!

Also...The 'Personalities Web Sites', a list of Boston personalities that have their own personal web site is listed a bit lower down on the left side as well. They are now in alphabetical order. Have we missed any? Let me know! ;-)
(A couple of jocks have streaming available on their web site as well.)

And now, in case you hadn't heard....

Here's an Imus/Barnacle update:


Barnicle nixes new deal

Thanks, but no thanks. That's the word from Mike Barnicle, who surprised the suits at WTKK yesterday by turning down a two-year contract to continue hosting the station's morning show. "It takes an enormous amount of time and energy," said Barnicle, who's been doing three hours of drive time since Don Imus was dismissed in April. "I have the energy, but I don't have the time." Or, maybe, the interest. The former Globe columnist, who does a lot of work these days for NBC, regularly belittles the right-wing blowhards who dominate local talk radio. "Everything in life needs balance, especially talk radio," said Barnicle, who has promised to stay until the station finds a new host. Candidates for his replacement could include Jim Braude, who co hosts a show on 96.9 FM Talk from noon to 3 p.m., and John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, whose contract with WEEI is up.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Sullivan - “I’ll be signing off tonight, but not signing off forever”

WBZ's Paul Sullivan left the air last night in order to devote himself full-time to his health.

The Herald's Jessica Heslam has the story:

Emotional sign-off for WBZ’S Sullivan

Good luck Paul. We'll have you in our thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Open Source....gone fishing?

Looks like Chris Lydon and Mary McGrath have hung out the "Gone Fishin" sign.

This note was posted today...

We Interrupt This Program…

Q #1.---Will the show be back? With the current business plan, it couldn't continue. But if it is to come back in the fall, they will have to make some changes. What changes? The first thing I would do is remove all the ancillary things attached to the program. Eliminate the blog, web site, podcast...and concentrate on ONE thing...Making a great Radio Program! I think that the concept that was behind Open Source was complicated to the average listener who simply wants a great radio program to listen to. I think all these other efforts were a distraction from putting a great product on the air each night.

Q #2.---Can Chris Lydon go back to WBUR? Lydon would have to give up his insistance upon 'owning' the show. Management has changed at WBUR. The headstrong Jane Christo is gone. If Chris can swallow his pride, and see WBUR as a 'partner' in the venture (as opposed to seeing it as "picking Jane Christo's cotton"), he just might have a sucessful show and a long career. (Not sure if the salary would be in the range it was before.....$400,000?)

Q #3.---Can Chris Lydon go anywhere else? Chris Lydon is a different animal, and whenever I have heard him on commercial talkradio...he sounds like a fish out of water...out of his element. HOWEVER...there is now an opening at WBZ for the evening program. Could he fit in at WBZ? Does he sound that much different than David Brudnoy? Brudnoy showed us that there was room for a more intellectual-type of show.

Summer is here, and it would be a good opportunity to have Chris Lydon do some fill-ins at WBZ. Another question comes up...Can Chris drop his insistance on doing an "Open Source"-type of show...with all of it's tentacles....or can he concentrate on simply doing a good local talk show?

I think it would be good to see if WBZ and Lydon are a good fit.

Otherwise, I think the best option is to go back to WBUR and do what he does best.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Paul Sullivan leaves WBZ for health concerns

WBZ's Paul Sullivan has decided to retire from WBZ, after one final show on
Thursday, June 28th. The press release from
CBS Radio Boston
has more details including a statement from Paul himself.
While he may occasionally do some contributions for the station, he will no longer
do a nightly talk show.

Sullivan has had four surgeries in a battle against brain cancer.

Sullivan says, "I will always remain a part of the WBZ family and am honored to have followed David Brudnoy doing a night time talk show on WBZ. But for the time being my health is going to be my focus, my full time job. I will still be keeping any eye on politics, on Beacon Hill, the fifth congressional district in Lowell, and elsewhere.
On a day to day basis I feel fine. I am up and alert and going out for lunches and walks when I can. I don’t need constant care but what my illness and treatments have taken from me is the energy needed to do my show five nights a week."


Can you sell a 'Pirate' radio station???

One pirate operator in Boston certainly thinks so!

Broadcasting from high-atop a triple-decker in Mattapan!

The Weekly Dig dig a pretty comprehensive story about this pirate operator in Boston.

Radio Free Mattapan
"There be pirates on Blue Hill Avenue"

It is still amazing that pirates can operate with immunty.....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Lydon going down a 3rd time...??????

First Christopher Lydon had a very public parting of the ways with WBUR.

Lydon's program has had ongoing financial challenges since it lost it's sweetheart deal with the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Last week, Public Radio International (PRI) announced it was no longer going to carry Lydon's show reincarnated show "Open Source".

Now WGBH-FM has announced it will no longer carry the show in Boston amidst being owed thousands of dollars for studio/production fees.

The Phoenix's Adam Reilly has this story:

WGBH nixes Open Source

One has to wonder if there is any future at all for "Open Source".....especially if it doesn't have a studio to broadcast from....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Boston's aBlaze....!

In a surprise move, Greater Media has let go of Paula O'Connor as PD of 96.9 FM Talk WTKK. She was immediately replaced by the newly available Grace Blazer who comes from WPHT in Philadelphia.

Globe: Blazer In Beantown, Becomes PD At 96.9FM Talk

WPHT in Philadelphia is the former (and historic) WCAU at of CBS's original stations in 1922. It has a great signal at night that can be heard after sunset in Boston almost like a local station.

"A series of power increases brought the station to 50,000 watts, allowing it to cover most of the eastern half of North America at night."

WPHT has created an apparently sucessful and local morning show with Michael Smerconish.

With the loss of can only imagine that creating/finding a new morning show for WTKK was a top priority for Greater Media...and the reason for the PD change.

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