Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WRKO Cancels McGuirk Tryout...and, Might Prog. Talk Return?

Due to pressure from advertisers and the community,
has announced it has abandoned the scheduled guest appearance of former Don Imus sidekick Bernie McGuirk. Details are in the Herald and Globe. McGuirk was being tried out as a co-host for Tom Finneran. Apparently
a 1997 "60 Minutes" interview was found in which Imus used a racial slur and said
that McGuirk was "hired (by his show) to tell jokes about blacks."

Jessica Heslam of the Herald writes: "Calling McGuirk a “racist,” several of Boston’s black community leaders had planned to show up at the station’s Brighton studios tomorrow morning to demand a meeting with management to protest McGuirk’s appearance.
Kahn herself called Sadiki Kambon, director of The Black Community, to tell him McGuirk wasn’t going to be on WRKO’s airwaves. Kambon said he and others had planned to protest if the station put McGuirk behind the mic. "

Meanwhile a post on the
Save Progressive Radio Boston Yahoo Group
says some efforts to bring progressive
talk radio back to the Hub may be heating up. Efforts are being made and negotiations to bring the format back are going on. Nobody knows for sure if it will be a success, but progressive talk fans have faced five months (to the day) without their
favorite hosts...unless they're listening on satellite radio.

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