Wednesday, May 02, 2007


MIKE-FM's TV spot getting noticed......

Have you seen the TV spot for Mike-FM?

Apparently a lot of people have!

In conversation, I heard someone once express a complaint...but didn't think anything of it. But apparently there are people who do not like the spot.

While it IS getting noticed ("You know, the radio spot with people taking off their clothes at the office?"), I wonder how many people remember what station it is for.

The Heralds Jesse Noyes writes this:

MIKE’s ‘Keep it on’ ad a real turn-off for some

"But Bill Alfano, director of marketing for MIKE-FM parent Entercom Communications Corp. in New England, said the ad is meant to be fun and isn’t very controversial.
“Honestly we tried to do an ad that appealed to our listener, the MIKE listener,” he said. “There’s no violence. There’s no nudity. There’s no sex.”

“It’s supposed to be goofy,” Alfano added."

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