Friday, May 11, 2007


Entercom feels WRKO and WEEI both helped by Sox

The Globe's Susan Bicklehaupt writes that Entercom is pleased with how the Red Sox broadcasts are doing on the new flagship station of Red Sox Baseball, WRKO, and sister station WEEI (which carries Wednesday night and weekday afternoon games). She also
quotes Jason Wolfe, Entercom Boston's VP of AM Operations, as saying that "both of the new guys have been very well received so far".

However criticism of Glenn Geffner has been expressed at sites such as the blog and's
Boston board
. It has been said that Geffner talks too fast and too much, and
SurvivingGrady is quoted as saying that he "brings nothing to the table".

Last year, Jerry Trupiano's contract was not renewed; in his place are Geffner,
who has worked with Red Sox bigwig Larry Lucchino in the past, and Dave O'Brien,
who cannot do every game due to work conflicts with ESPN. (This writer agrees
with the comments about Geffner's rapid-fire delivery. He sounds young, perhaps
a bit too young, almost as if the Sox had grabbed an announcer for a minor league
team (maybe a "Single A Short Season") and thrust him into the spotlight. It has been suggested that Geffner might do better as someone updating listeners on the
out-of-town scores, though the Sox Radio Network already has someone for that.

Bicklehaupt's Globe article does say that the weekday afternoon games that had
aired on WRKO during Spring Training in March did manage to help out Howie Carr.
The afternoon drive talker, who would be joined in progress around 4 pm when
games were on, went from a 5 share to a 6. So the Sox may have proved a good
lead in for Howie, though from henceforth weekday afternoon games are on WEEI

Entercom feels that putting Red Sox games on WRKO helps gain them new listeners
(promos running for talk shows during the game, etc.) while WEEI can still
carry some games and talk about them before, during, and after, otherwise. (WEEI even
extends "Sox talk" until 1 am on weeknights when there are games, with
"Red Sox Review", thus depriving the area of one precious hour of Yankee
superfan "JT The Brick"...

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