Sunday, April 22, 2007


WJIB Fundraiser Doing Well

WJIB in Cambridge has a following, and that following just may be saving the
unique voice the station represents. The owner of the 250 watt (by day) station,
whose music is "easy as the breeze", reports on that "(S)ometime this-coming week, (marking 6 weeks) we'll hit the $88,000.00 goal! So far, 2,249 separate contributions."

That's great news for listeners of a truly independent station that doesn't run
advertising (including no informercials for get-rich-quick or medical miracle
schemes). Bob Bittner, owner of WJIB, was floored recently to find out that
music licensing fees had spiked
. That, coupled with various bills and the loss
of the revenue-producing Radio France International shows, put WJIB in a quandary.
He announced he had to raise $88,000 to meet expenses for the rest of this year
and said that by the end of June he would decide whether or not to continue
the listener-supported effort.

That effort has been proving successful. Thanks to listener response, the low-budget station that manages respectable ratings despite a lack of a good night signal
or promotion will continue to broadcast despite the recent financial setbacks.
(The station's low position on the AM dial means it can do surprisingly well
with only 250 watts).

Update 4/25/07: Bittner has said the "3-minute" announcement about his
fundraising success is expected to air tonight at 5 pm on WJIB.

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