Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Trouble Ahead for Cape Radio...?

Joe Ryan, one of the founders of WFCC, has pened a guest commentary on the state of radio on the Cape.

WFCC's founder sees trouble ahead for Cape radio.

"Local community-oriented radio stations are being devoured, dissected, and discarded by the “Mega-Media Moguls.” Operating in the “interest, convenience and necessity” of the public they are licensed to serve, has become a joke -- the butt of which, deplorably, is the listening audience!"

For those that like to look at coverage maps, here is the WFCC signal.

Guest Blogger!

I wanted to welcome Bob Nelson (aka "The Raccoon") to the Boston radio Blog. He penned the post below, and it is my hope that he will have the time to contribute from time to time. He is a good observer of the Boston Radio scene....

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Thanks! By the way I note that WTKK has added Jimmy Myers Sundays from 3-6 pm, and the Phantom Gourmet radio version debuts next Saturday from
5-7 pm (hosted by the sons of
Eddie Andelman; Eddie is still heard at 7 pm Sundays with Sports Huddle
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