Thursday, April 19, 2007


Timeliness Important For Talk Radio

On Wednesday April 18, when the news came that the Virginia Tech killer, Cho Seung Hui, had mailed a manifesto to NBC News, WTKK was just about to go into tape delayed syndicated programming: eight hour old Bill O'Reilly followed by twelve-hour old Laura Ingraham. Given that the shows were not discussing the "breaking news", WTKK decided to instead pick up the live feed from MSNBC: Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Joe Scarborough (followed by the same three shows repeated). There was information about the controversial message
and photos in Cho's package, which he had mailed in between his two killing sprees.

This is reminiscent of what WRKO did in October of 2002 when they decided to dump Sean Hannity,
which they had tape delayed until 7 pm, for live airings of Michael Savage, feeling
that they wanted something live (the D.C. Sniper shootings were then hot news).

WRKO meanwhile had to do its last game as flagship of the Boston Celtics Network;
it followed at 10:40 pm with tape delayed Savage and Jerry Doyle, though Howie Carr did pick up the NBC Nightly News feed for a few minutes at the end of his show,
as the contents of the package were revealed. WBZ had
its usual live and local lineup of Paul Sullivan and then Steve Leveille discussing
the issue.

Incidentally, WTKK now has 13 consecutive hours of local talk (Barnicle's
temporary expanded show; Michael Graham, Eagan and Braude, and Jay Severin).
WRKO has mostly local talk from 6 am to 7 pm also except there is the
three hour (national)interruption for Rush Limbaugh.

Speaking of 96.9, this item in the Boston Herald's
Inside Track
hints that WTKK
might want to steal Dennis and Callahan away from WEEI for their morning shift...rumors already have WBCN thinking about getting D&C.

And yes it IS contract renewal
time for the duo so this could just be talk. But who knows!
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