Sunday, April 22, 2007


Imus remnants.....

I know you've had your fill of Imus stuff, but here is an article about what the dissappearance of Imus might mean to Boston Radio...

Imus’ ouster may ignite war among Hub stations

"WTKK’s loss of Don Imus could spark Boston talk radio’s fiercest morning-drive war in years with tens of thousands of listeners and advertising dollars at stake."

Since that article was published, there have been rumors about WEEI's 'Dennis and Callahan' moving to WTKK. Is it true, or is it a bargaining ploy by D&C in their contract negotiation?

"Sources claim WTKK - which just lost the I-Man as its 96.9 FM Talk morning host - has turned up its pursuit of Deno and Gerry."

96.9 eyes ‘Dennis & Callahan’ for Imus slot

Also, before Imus fades into the sunset, you might want to read two local columnists perspective on Imus:

Infamous I-man gags on own vitriol

"Something quite remarkable happened this week. We saw a $10-million-a-year, trash-talking curmudgeon turn into a simpering whiner, or what the I-man himself might have aptly described as a “lying, scum-sucking weasel.”"

And this one:

Beautiful People left I-man bleeding by side of the road

"Poor I-man, kicked down the stairs like a Bob Gamere, abandoned by the Beautiful People he served so faithfully these past few decades. We won’t be MSNBC’ing the senile old crackhead anymore. No more summer party invitations from his media enablers in the Hamptons. Henceforth, he is a nobody on Nantucket.

Don Imus - $10-million dollar salary, 10-cent brain. From the penthouse to the outhouse."

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