Thursday, April 12, 2007


CBS Firing of Imus May Shake Up WTKK Lineup

The breaking news that Don Imus has been fired by CBS/Westwood One, effective immediately, means that WTKK may have to shake up its morning lineup. Originally, Imus was to serve a two-week suspension with WTKK's own Mike Barnicle filling in for the I-Man, but now word comes that the network has given the heave-ho to the longtime morning man.

Will they move Michael Graham to mornings, opening up the 10 am slot to Westwood
One's Dennis Miller? Would Eagan and/or Braude move to mornings? Or will WTKK pick up whatever talk host will replace Imus in the morning slot? Stay tuned.

WTKK posted a statement from Greater Media's Peter Smythe and Phil Redo saying they respect the CBS decision. "Don Imus has been a part of WTKK since our launch in 1999 and has many fans. We want to acknowledge his many positive contributions to radio and charitable causes. We have not made any decision about a replacement for Imus and will be reviewing all our options in the coming weeks."

Meanwhile, an update on the effort to bring Progressive Talk back to the Boston area. A rally will be held on April 26 at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway in Somerville. Guests include political consultant Joe Trippi and Air America/Nova M founders the Drobnys, and there will be music.

An article in today's Herald says that Westwood One will offer WFAN's
Mike and the Mad Dog in place of
Mike Barnicle (WHJJ in Providence
is one station taking part in that).
Boston, however, will get Barnicle
after all on WTKK during that slot.

This is just for a couple weeks as
Westwood One and station program directors in 60 (or so) markets decide what to do next.
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