Tuesday, March 20, 2007


NPR for the younger set......?

One of the promising features of HD Radio is the flurry of new programming creativity and variety.

NPR stations have been looking for options for their HD-2 channels.

Some, like WGBH-FM, air Classical music on their HD-2 channel.

Others, like WBUR, have not embraced the new technology yet, and have yet to do anything with their HD-2 channels. Inherant in the creation of these secondary channels is the issue of losing listeners from their main channel..and what that will mean in the long run.

NPR has been researching some options, and has been devloping some programming for younger demo's....younger than NPR normally attracts.

The Globe's Alex Beam, who seems to have affection and affinity for public radio, has this on NPR's effort:

Public Radio seeks a breath of fresh air

Alex also tried out for The Connection host job that Dick Gordon eventually got.

Probably just as well, considering that The Connection was shut down in the wake of Christo's departure...and besides, I like Alex's print column. :-)
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