Thursday, March 22, 2007


Comments on the new media....

Looks like the old media is going to give us more commentary on the new media. ;-)

When the Herald announced the hiring Jessica Heslam, they said she would be covering more new media than previously. (Although, she seems to be covering the traditional media.)

WGHB radio is adding commentary by John Carroll.

A critical eye for blogs, vlogs, other new media

If you've ever caught the Friday evening edition of Channel 2's "Greater Boston" program (called "Beat the Press"), where they discuss issues about the media, you may have seen John Carroll as a panelist.

I highly recommend "Beat the Press", on Friday evenings (or repeated during the weekend). Set your Tivo! The program usually tackles 4 (or so) media related issues, and the panelists are usually all top-notch.

John Carrolls commentary on WGBH radio, called "John Carroll's Take" is covered on the WGBH Radio web page. You can listen to his commentaries online.

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