Thursday, February 22, 2007


Tolkoff out at FNX

Thanks to a tipster....

Max Tolkoff resigned from WFNX today to take over as PD at Indie 103 in L.A. Tolkoff had been commuting to Boston from L.A. and is very happy to have a job close to home. APD Keith Dakin is being promoted to PD and will likely give up his 3-7pm shift. It seems that much of this had been angled behind the scenes for a few weeks as FNX just hired Chris Centore to join an already too crowded field of FNX part time jocks. Centore worked with Dakin at WHOB and in Virginia. The buzz at FNX is Centore will get the 3-7 shift, a move that will cause an uproar among the part timers who have been waiting for years for a job to open. FNX is known for hiring from within, but to say Centore is "from within" is a stretch and looks more like he's been brought in as a ringer. Several of Centore's ex co workers find his hiring (in the midst of a "hiring freeze") "curious".

Curious indeed!

Curiouser and Curiouser!

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