Thursday, January 04, 2007


Some tidbits.....

Is anyone interested in Richard Hatch anymore?

I know the the reality series star who thought he could get away without paying taxes on a million dollars has some friends and aquaintances here in New England. I also know there is some interest since he did his stint at the now defunct Star 93.7.

Hatch Behind Bars
'Survivor' champ faces reality of prison

"The Hatch on the screen was confident and cocky; he strutted around in the nude and calmly plotted victory. This man is jittery and talks in hyperspeed, jumping from subject to subject.""

This came out before Christmas. You would think a guy who has kids would know about the internet. You would think someone in broadcasting would be fascinated by the internet...

Hard to believe...

Larry King Says He's Never Used The Internet

KING: What do you punch little buttons and things?

The Globe snapped some pictures of Mix 98.5's Kelly Malone.

Try this job: Radio DJ

Dress code is....tres casual! ;-)

Her page at the Mix web site can be

Even if you are not from or near New Hampshire, you might find this article interesting.

On Air - Guide to local radio

Who knew New Hamsphire had such diversity on the radio! ;-)

Anyone remember talk host Bruce Stevens? He did some time at WBZ in the 80's. HE had been hanging out at WTIC in Hartford teaming up for "Afternoons with Bruce and Colin" ...and doing a weekend shift at WTKK.

He is Colin McEnroe goes solo in the afternoon.

What happened to Bruce Stevens at WTIC in Hartford? Why is he out?
Does anyone know why Stevens is no longer with WTIC? What are the details?
What has happened to Bruce Stevens? He was on weekend duty at 96.9 FM Talk (WTKK, Boston) and now is no longer on, as of this weekend I think. What is going on? Someone please fill me in. The new 96.9FM Talk Weekend Lineup, other than Brian McGrory and Michele McPhee, looks like the usual suspects, with a lot of rewinds which is not bad. But why couldn't they have put Bruce on in place of syndicated screamer Monica Crowley? Or on Sunday sometime? I know he had a loyal following. Thanks for any info.
I agree, Bruce was awesome, than he vanished in place of more Mike Barnicle rewinds...yuck. Even worse, look for him on google and he seems to have vanished completely, I hope he;s not dead. Seriously, his show was great and I miss it, where is he?
I was thinking of Bruce Stevens the other day and was wondering what he is doing. I have known Bruce for a number of years. We both grew-up in Lincoln, Maine. He started in Radio at a local station with the call WLKN. But anyway, I would like to know what he is doing now??
Try Bruce Stevens and Morning
Watch @ WJMJ (CT) 88.9FM
Listening to Bruce now. First time hearing him. He's great
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