Tuesday, January 02, 2007


New lineup for FM Talk....

The Herald's Jesse Noyes has the news about WTKK's new line up...

The WTKK Shuffle

So, after Imus in the Morning...it's Local talk all day!

5:30-9AM Imus in the Morning

9-10AM Mike Barnicle

10AM-Noon Michael Graham

Noon-3PM Eagan and Braude

3-7PM Jay Severin

Evenings are syndicated (with the exception of the Barnicle repeat hour at Midnight.)

7-9PM Bill O'Reilly

9PM-Midnight Laura Ingraham

Midnight-1AM Mike Barnicle (rebroadcast)

1-5AM John and Jeff

interesting, expanding E&B and having them basically counterprogram local
talk vs. syndie Rush on 'RKO
Did they drop the online stream? I had the url saved in winamp but has not been working...
It's possible that some of their shows can't be streamcast...I think their site says there are podcasts available, though. Also, maybe it's your browser. I found the WKLB stream didn't work on Firefox but it did on Int. Exp.

WRKO mystery: their site now says TBA on 9-noon and 7-10 pm weekdays. Is Todd Feinburg only doing weekends now? Is Tom Finneran (will not do jail time in plea bargain) headed to morning show?
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