Saturday, December 30, 2006


Anyone old enough to remember Dick Summer...?

Dick Summer hasn't been on the air in Boston for a long time, however, there are many people that still remember him.

Dick was on WBZ.....and on WMEX (I believe he created "The Human Thing")...and lastly did an overnight show on WZLX.

You can visit his website for his blog, podcast and more memories.

Glad to hear he's still around, Dick Summer is the reason I got into radio.

I listened to him when he did his "Boston Sound" thing, later it was "Love and Touch". I was inspired by him, but never met him.

If the above commenter would write me directly at the email address on the front of this blog, I have some information to pass along he/she might be interested in.

warm summer nights and Dick Summer's "Lovin' Touch". Yeah, I remember Dick Summer. In fact, I even interviewed him at the WBZ studio around 1964. Put in on reel-to-reel and have lost the tape.

Glad to see Dick had such success after he left Boston for New York.
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