Saturday, December 30, 2006


Anyone old enough to remember Dick Summer...?

Dick Summer hasn't been on the air in Boston for a long time, however, there are many people that still remember him.

Dick was on WBZ.....and on WMEX (I believe he created "The Human Thing")...and lastly did an overnight show on WZLX.

You can visit his website for his blog, podcast and more memories.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Will a White Knight save Air America.....?

They are losing affiliates, possibly losing their marquee talent Al Franken, they have filed for bankruptcy, and Clear Channel, one of the companies that was intent on clearing stations for AA, is going thru a sale. It's anyone's guess what the future holds and what form Air America will take in the future.

I know there is a lot of water cooler talk and Monday Morning quarterbacking about AIr America's troubles and how they came to be in the difficuly they are now.

In radio, everyone's an expert. ;-)

Newsweek published this peice which is a pretty good overall analysis of the Air America situation.

Will a White Knight Save Air America?

"Less than three years after launch, Air America's last hope lies in finding a white knight."

"The prevailing sense among media watchers, though, is that Air America is a failed enterprise. The only question is why."

"One former Air America CEO who asked to remain nameless due to the network’s ongoing negotiations said, "in the beginning, the network was plagued by infighting between those who saw it as a political cause that would take years of dedicated subsidizing, and those who saw it as a viable business venture capable of turning a profit off the bat. “The latter group of people were deluding themselves,” he said, noting that the programming costs never came close to matching up with revenue opportunities, particularly as companies such as Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Visa and Exxon began pulling advertising from Air America affiliates. “It was doomed by their lack of realism.” According to former and current Air America employees, the network was also undone by the tension that existed between the 100 or so moderately compensated production staffers, and the handful of well-paid executives."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


XM + Sirius....a bidding war to the end...?

Here's a clue as to the future of satellite radio....

XM and Sirius could both lose the satellite radio wars.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Boston's HD Radio formats....

I have put links for some of Boston's HD Channels if you scroll down the left hand side of the blog.

These are the HD stations that have their own web page.

I know Jam'n, Kiss, BCN are doing also seperate programming for their HD-2 channels...but, I cannot seem to find a web page for them...or a link from their main web page.

If you know of a web page for any HD-2 channel that I do not have listed.....please feel free to drop me a note at the address at the top of the left-hand column of the blog.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The World of HD Radio....

I am not sure who is really listening to any of the HD Radio stations.

Some of them are available online in addition to being broadcast over the air.

I suspect that there are more people listening online to the HD Programming, than are listening over the air. ;-)

I have added to the toolbar on the left some of Boston's HD Channels. (The one's that have their own web page.)

Give them a listen. Feel free to send your comments.


Saturday, December 02, 2006


He has a Worcester station on his presets.....!

...but why? ;-)

WXLO listeners not the brightest bulbs

Source: Universal Hub


Man bites dog....?

There were two breaking stories the other day, a shooting in Roxbury.....or a Smash and Grab on Newbury street.

Universal Hub's adamg wonders aloud which WBZ should cover.....

WBZ has its pulse on the important news...


Lapiere is replaced by....

WBZ's longtime morning news anchor Gary Lapierre is retiring at the end of the year after 42 years at the station.

Replacing Gary in the vital AM Drive slot was not an easy chore, but the station has announced it will be former WOR radio anchor Ed Walsh.

Ed is a Massachusetts native. Having worked in Worcester...and in Boston at WRKO.

He had been doing some work at WBZ's sister station WCBS in New York.

Welcome back!


Stations flip frequency....

How did it sound...?

Just in case you were curious as to how it sounded when WKLB and WRCB formats switched dial postions, the always industrious RaccoonRadio serves up the MP3 files!

99.5FM Country to Classical

102.5FM Classical to Country


Merry Christmas from Kiss108/Jam'n 945 !

Now here's your Christmas Goose!

Maybe you've been following the budget cuts and layoffs from Clear Channel as they prepare for sale.

Maybe you thought that Kiss 108 and Jam'n 94.5 were sucessful enough for Clear Channel to not fiddle around with.

Wrong you were! The Clear Channel 'Angel of Death' arrived in Boston....

The Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam posted the story:

Clear Channel cuts hit Boston radio

".....KISS and JAM’N 94.5 FM - two Clear Channel-owned radio stations - laid off five people Friday, including three DJ’s."

"Those who were axed include KISS midday DJ Deirdre Dagata; JAM’N DJs Maverik and Hustle Simmons; JAM’N production director Doug MacAskill and JAM’N mixer Roy Barboza."

"Dagata has been replaced by Shelley Wade, a DJ on Clear Channel’s Z100 in New York. Wade’s show will be “imported'’ to KISS 108."

"Maverick, who was on 7 p.m. to midnight, has been replaced by JAM’N midday DJ Gee-Spin. Gee-Spin is being replaced by Los Angeles DJ Suzy Tavarez, who will “import'’ her show from sister station KISS 102.7 FM

[Editors note: I have received a complaint about copyrighted material. I have properly credited the above article to The Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam...and I am only using an excerpt from the article under the "fair use" provision, Title 17> Chapter 107> § 107]


WRKO....on the day the ink plant exploded....

Dan Kennedy commented on WRKO's lack of live programming during one of the biggest stories in the area, the plant explosion in Danvers:

Another low for WRKO

More on media coverage of the explosion...


Anybody home....?

You may have heard that WRKO has jettisoned it's entire local news staff.

WRKO management said this was to "focus full attention on it's effort to build an all-star talk lineup". However, I think most in the industry see this as simply a cost cutting move. They decided that the dollars spent to staff a news department wasn't worth what it potentially brings in in ratings and revenue.

They will be using Fox News Radio for national news...and Metro for local updates. Will this be enough to keep the station real and relevant?

Jessica Heslam had the story and the state of WRKO's ratings:

WRKO Axes News Division

One of those let go at WRKO was Listo Fisher, he spoke with Jessica afterwards:

WRKO update: Listo weighs in (with reader comments).

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