Friday, November 03, 2006


WRKO fires Depetro

Radio host fired for derogatory remark about candidate

WRKO Radio talk show host John DePetro was fired this morning after he made a derogatory remark Thursday about the sexual orientation and the weight of Green-Rainbow party gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross.

About the incident, Grace Ross said:

"The real issue here is that we have a whole subculture of right-wing talk show hosts who think they're more important than they are."

"First of all, this is not news to folks that I'm a lesbian.It's on my website," Ross said on Thursday. "Big, fat? I guess that's supposed to be his way of saying he doesn't like somebody."

And...Here is Depetro's response...

DePetro tells Globe he was "stunned'' by firing

"Recalling his remarks on the radio, DePetro told his listeners that he wished someone would "tell the fat lesbian to shut up."

"I know it's mean but she is technically obese and lives an alternative lifestyle. It's kind of mean. What if someone yelled about Kerry Healey being a spoiled white b---h or Mihos being an arrogant wealthy egomanic.''

I think...I hope...AM Talk Radio listeners are getting sick of this kind of hate mongering on talk radio and tune out in droves!
And they can tune in instead to the hate radio known as Air America...
Raccoon, didn't you know hate only comes from the Right?

When the left does's .....ahhhh....???...something else!
"Fat lesbian"...A twitching Bush Bimbaugh saying MJ Fox is "faking it"...A gorilla taking a bus on the Metco system.

Yep, real touchy feely stuff that's just harmless fun. All of it on Air America! Oh wait, no it wasn't...
Well you'd hear more crass stuff on AA.

The reason why you *don't* hear cuz no one is listening to AA!

Of course, I agree 100% with the totally objectionable things that you've heard on AA!

So if you don't listen then you must be full of examples heh? :-)
I listen...but the ratings say I am the only one. ;-)

Examples? Off the top of my head?

Bush knew and sanctioned the events about 9/11 before it happenned.
(Almost all the hosts.)

The US planned and carried out the attacks on 9/11(Rhandi Rhodes).

Bush is murdering American Troops, so his buddies at Haliburton can make money.(Rhodes)
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