Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Who reads the wedding annoucements...?

Someone sent this along to me. It's from the May, 1997 New York Times.

For anyone who bought the line that Jay Severin was a high flying swinging bachelor...

Renee Klock, James Severin 3d

I'll never understand why he would play up the bachelor image with lots of sexual innuenndo. Isn't the first rule of being famous "don't say things that are easy to disprove!"

Anyone care to speculate on why he dropped the last letter of his name?

Also, a little late, but here is the web site for Jay's now defunct syndicated show.

Jay Severin Has Issues....

Doesn't look like he spent much time on his blog. ;-)

Is Jay still married?
Any reason to believe he isn't?
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