Wednesday, November 01, 2006


(More) Rumblings on The River....?

Looks like there are some changes afoot at WXRV, "The River", in Haverhill (One of the most unstable radio operationm in the area.)

From an email I recieved:

Best guess is that Dana Marshall is out as PD and 10AM-2PM on air slot at WXRV-FM.
Her name and picture is off the website and Lisa Garvey was in her slot.
More change at the River. Do they even have a GM?

I don't know who the current GM is. The contacts page lists Steve Young as the General Sales Manager...Who is acting as GM? The owner?

From what I understand, everytime the owner has a hemorrhoid flare-up, he comes in wanting.....Change.

WXRV, The River, has had a good run in their current incarnation. (92.5 used to be an AC station) Their ratings have come close to the ratings of WBOS, a Boston station with a stick on the Prudential building....and better than WFNX which had a pretty good run in it's day as well.



Triple A WXRV (92.5 The River)/Boston PD Dana Marshall resigns for personal reasons. Marshall had worked in various programming positions for nearly six years including morning drive, music director and PM drive. She was actively involved in the station community and outreach programs. Reach out to her at:

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