Sunday, October 22, 2006


Women's Talk....?

Just labeling somethig as "Women's______" reminds me of the day when the newspapers had "Women's pages" instead of the Living Section. But a few stations are focused on delivering the female audience to advertisers. The Globe wrote about WNSH in Beverly.

Radio Tracks: Gender and politics mark GreenStone programs - The Boston Globe

The Herald recently had an article about WBIX having a program focused on "female issues" (Gosh, is it me or does that sounds weird too?)

Radio gals have ‘broad’ appeal: Talk show dials into female issues

Also, Conecticuts WXCT brands itself "Talk Radio for Women".

And the female network (Greenstone Media) is on WNSH 1570 up in Beverly. "Radio for women, by women". Which must end at 6 pm when the likes of Mike Reagan and Jerry
Doyle start airing...
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