Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Lydon an UMass Lowell part ways....

Christopher Lydon's affiliation with U Mass Lowell was controversial from the start. The school had hopes that his program would lift the schools stature. (I'm sot sure how....was it by the little announcement at the end of the hour?) They stated that they wanted to re-tool their radio station, WUML as more of a community station. The school also wanted to add a 'School of Communications' withh Lydon as an instructor.

Students did not like losing control of their station, and many were outraged at the fee he was being paid ($12.5k/mos or $150k/yr.)

Somewhere where the rubber meets the road, the school decided it could not afford to subsidize Chris' program "Open Source". It's not clear if Lydon has ANY other funding....but we'll be finding out.

The Lowell Sun's Robert Mills has this story:

UML drops Lydon

LOWELL -- Radio personality Christopher Lydon's lucrative and controversial contract with UMass Lowell to broadcast an hourlong radio show will not be renewed when it expires in December, the school's interim chancellor confirmed last night.

The Lowell Sun also Editorialized about Lydon's departure:

Lydon's departure

Hiring radio personality Christopher Lydon to help brand a university and spread its message nationwide might have been a good idea, but not in Lowell and not now.

Chris Lydon had his own announcement here:

UMass Lowell: An October Suprise

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