Friday, October 20, 2006


The Herald weighs in on Lydon's situation.....

The Boston Herald's Jesse Noyes weighs in on the Lydon / UMass Lowell situation...with some more information about the finances. - Business: Another Lydon show axed

Lydon's salary = $150,000.
Staff and crew - $38,000.

Did Lydon give ULowell their money's worth? I don't know if he has even set foot on campus. (HE could've kept up the goodwill there by, say, holding a few symposiums, or somthing similar.)

Do you think Lydon will find *anybody* to give him the $188k to continue putting together the show?

Maybe it's heresy...but maybe Lydon and WBUR should make amends? After all Jane Christo is gone. (And he won't have to "pick Jane Cristo's cotton"!.)

(***""Picking Jane Christo's Cotton" was a quote from Lydon during their very public seperation.)

$188k / year for the show?

How about $456k / year? That's the cost for Lydon and his staff. For 4 hours of radio a week.

What a scam. Our tax dollars, and the resources of what should be a small, student run station.

From the Boston Herald:
The campus paid Lydon’s approximately $12,500-a-month salary. In total, UMass-Lowell spent about $38,000 per month to pay Lydon and a crew of five other staffers, a school spokeswoman said.
Hey Anon....Where did you get the $456k figure?

The article only mentioned the $150k for Lydon and $38k for production cost.

Whats your source?
I think he is either misquoting the Herald...or the Herald got the $38,000 figure wrong.

I believe it was supposed to be $38,000 per YEAR for production costs.....
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