Monday, October 16, 2006


Dick Gordon goes national again....!

You might recall Dick Gordon, who took over hosting duties for WBUR's "The Connection" after Christopher Lydon departed.

The Connection plugged onward post Lydon, with Dick Gordon as the host....until WBUR decided to cancel it.

If I understand it correctly, a staffer from WBUR, who was now at WUNC, Chapel Hill, NC...and helped bring Dick there. After a few years of doing that show locally, he's set to start nationally distributing the show nationally.

Dick Gordon's new WUNC radio show set for national launch
On the Net:
The Story:
American Public Media:

George Boosey was program director at WBUR, he left some time before the whole Jane-Christo-Implosion-Thing and went to WUNC. After Gordon was let go by WBUR, I have little doubt that Boosey had a hand in bringing him to WUNC.

While I was never a huge fan of Gordon as the host of The Connection, Gordon's talent is undeniable. I suspect now that he's got a chance to really come in to his own show without any baggage from a previous host, he'll really get a chance to shine.

BTW, the new show is called "The Story".
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