Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Character of a newspaper.....

While this is a blog about radio, I know there are some other media topics that interest us all, such as newspapers and TV.

Former Herald staffer Michael Gee hits the nail on the head when he writes about the character of our local newspapers, especially the Boston Globe


"The Herald presents life as an endless series of exclamation points, a truly loopy, no, disturbed way of viewing the universe."

"Any Bostonian also knows the character flaw that blights the Globe. In a word, snootiness. New England's largest if shrinking newspaper operates on the premise it is the benevolent, all-seeing colonial governor in these parts. We the readers are the childlike, backward, basically pathetic natives who need its constant guidance."

At the same time, you might be interested in this Wall Street Journal piece about the Boston Globe losing money for the first time in it's history.

Boston Globe Doesn't Deliver For the Times

"...now that brainy, well-heeled populace turns out to be on the leading edge of a digital migration that is pummeling the Boston Globe so badly that it is on track for its first unprofitable year in its recent history..."

Recent memory? Or ever? Does anyone know when the last time the Globe posted an unprofitable year?

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Women's Talk....?

Just labeling somethig as "Women's______" reminds me of the day when the newspapers had "Women's pages" instead of the Living Section. But a few stations are focused on delivering the female audience to advertisers. The Globe wrote about WNSH in Beverly.

Radio Tracks: Gender and politics mark GreenStone programs - The Boston Globe

The Herald recently had an article about WBIX having a program focused on "female issues" (Gosh, is it me or does that sounds weird too?)

Radio gals have ‘broad’ appeal: Talk show dials into female issues

Also, Conecticuts WXCT brands itself "Talk Radio for Women".

Friday, October 20, 2006


The Herald weighs in on Lydon's situation.....

The Boston Herald's Jesse Noyes weighs in on the Lydon / UMass Lowell situation...with some more information about the finances.

BostonHerald.com - Business: Another Lydon show axed

Lydon's salary = $150,000.
Staff and crew - $38,000.

Did Lydon give ULowell their money's worth? I don't know if he has even set foot on campus. (HE could've kept up the goodwill there by, say, holding a few symposiums, or somthing similar.)

Do you think Lydon will find *anybody* to give him the $188k to continue putting together the show?

Maybe it's heresy...but maybe Lydon and WBUR should make amends? After all Jane Christo is gone. (And he won't have to "pick Jane Cristo's cotton"!.)

(***""Picking Jane Christo's Cotton" was a quote from Lydon during their very public seperation.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Lydon an UMass Lowell part ways....

Christopher Lydon's affiliation with U Mass Lowell was controversial from the start. The school had hopes that his program would lift the schools stature. (I'm sot sure how....was it by the little announcement at the end of the hour?) They stated that they wanted to re-tool their radio station, WUML as more of a community station. The school also wanted to add a 'School of Communications' withh Lydon as an instructor.

Students did not like losing control of their station, and many were outraged at the fee he was being paid ($12.5k/mos or $150k/yr.)

Somewhere where the rubber meets the road, the school decided it could not afford to subsidize Chris' program "Open Source". It's not clear if Lydon has ANY other funding....but we'll be finding out.

The Lowell Sun's Robert Mills has this story:

UML drops Lydon

LOWELL -- Radio personality Christopher Lydon's lucrative and controversial contract with UMass Lowell to broadcast an hourlong radio show will not be renewed when it expires in December, the school's interim chancellor confirmed last night.

The Lowell Sun also Editorialized about Lydon's departure:

Lydon's departure

Hiring radio personality Christopher Lydon to help brand a university and spread its message nationwide might have been a good idea, but not in Lowell and not now.

Chris Lydon had his own announcement here:

UMass Lowell: An October Suprise

Monday, October 16, 2006


Dick Gordon goes national again....!

You might recall Dick Gordon, who took over hosting duties for WBUR's "The Connection" after Christopher Lydon departed.

The Connection plugged onward post Lydon, with Dick Gordon as the host....until WBUR decided to cancel it.

If I understand it correctly, a staffer from WBUR, who was now at WUNC, Chapel Hill, NC...and helped bring Dick there. After a few years of doing that show locally, he's set to start nationally distributing the show nationally.

Dick Gordon's new WUNC radio show set for national launch
On the Net:
WUNC-FM: http://www.wunc.org
The Story: http://thestory.org
American Public Media: http://americanpublicmedia.publicradio.org

Thursday, October 12, 2006


More on the return of Severin(o)...!

For those who are looking for more information about the Return of Jay Severin to Boston, here is Jay's spin on the situation as told to the Herald's Jessica Heslam:

Listeners’ IQs bring Severin back to Boston

"He wasn’t canned and his syndicated radio show didn’t bomb."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Save W-I-L-D......! ;-)

There was a rally on City Hall Plaza to help save WILD.

Fans say WILD sound should not be silenced
Press FCC to save soulful format

I have been witness to many attempts to "save the format". None of them sucessful. What many don't understand is that the FCC doesn't consider "format" in their processes.

Maybe 15-20 years ago, this kind of effort would have garnered some support from local politicians, etc.....due to the heritage, good will and local service and ownership WILD-AM provided to Boston.

However, since the move to FM (and a signal based out of Brockton to boot!), WILD-FM is not much more than a music outlet.

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