Thursday, September 14, 2006


TV-38 to launch a 9:30(!) newscast....

I know there are mothers and other who go to bed early....and even the 10PM newscast is too late. But Channel 38 is launching a 9:30PM newscast. (I am assuming if all goes well, it will be expanded to start at 9PM.)

This newscast will feature Chris May and Sara Underwood, and will be produced by the same people that produce Channel 4's news.

Channel 38 has had some news on over the years. If I recall, none of their previous attempts worked very well. (...including "CBS4 News at 10 on TV-38"! Yikes! There are enough numbers in that to confuse anybody!)

Here is the Herald's story:

Calling all early birds! TV-38 to launch 9:30 p.m. newscast

Boston TV news is awful. The same, tired 'sportscaster retreads' (Scott Wahl, Ed Harding, Gene Lavanchy et al) are tired fixtures that never go away. How would you like to go to a TV journalism school and pay big bucks, only to find out that Scott wahl is going to demand that he remain on Ch 4 until hell freezes over?? No upward mobility and no chance for new blood! Instead we get Scott Wahl and Ed Harding...tired retreads both. They both stumble and bumble their way through the newscasts, and God only knows what they'd be doing if not for the invention of the tele-prompt-er.

Oh, I could go on. But suffice to say: Boston's TV news crews are awful...right down to little 'cub cadets' like David Robichaud, who just seem to hang on...and on...and on.
Hi Chris,

What sportcaster DO you like?

Being in NH, is there anyone on Channel 9 you enjoy?
Chris said...

In general--and not because I'm a guy--I think the female anchors far excel. They seem to be more poised, more 'calm.' I think I see just horrible on-the-air demeanor across the board, and I would not even spare NH. But what really gets me is this: Boston news anchors seem to FAR outlive their
welcome. If you are a young, just-out-of-college TV journalist, how
discouraged would you be to see a Scott Wahle or an Ed Harding or a Jack Williams just hang around FOREVER? No upward mobility! And it isn't because these anchors are good...just listen to their incessant guffaws and cackles
and attempts at jokes each morning. Scott Wahle and Ed Harding are the worst of the worst, in my opinion. That they are has-been sports anchors is kind
of telling.
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