Tuesday, September 26, 2006


He’s Back…Jay Severin Returns...!

Greater Media's Press release:

He’s Back…Jay Severin Returns to Aternoon Drive on 96.9FM Talk/WTKK in Boston

...and the Globe's coverage:

Severin coming back to Boston

And, not to be left out...from Streaming magazine

Severin Returns To Boston-Exclusive Show On WTKK

Monday, September 25, 2006


CRB/KLB ready to flip...?

I'm hearing rumors that the WKLB & WCRB format/ownership change will take place somewhere between the first or second week of November.

Nothing official....just mumblings...


Thursday, September 14, 2006


It's official..! Ch 7 aquires Ch 56...!

Owner of Boston's Channel 7 to buy Channel 56 for $120 million


TV-38 to launch a 9:30(!) newscast....

I know there are mothers and other who go to bed early....and even the 10PM newscast is too late. But Channel 38 is launching a 9:30PM newscast. (I am assuming if all goes well, it will be expanded to start at 9PM.)

This newscast will feature Chris May and Sara Underwood, and will be produced by the same people that produce Channel 4's news.

Channel 38 has had some news on over the years. If I recall, none of their previous attempts worked very well. (...including "CBS4 News at 10 on TV-38"! Yikes! There are enough numbers in that to confuse anybody!)

Here is the Herald's story:

Calling all early birds! TV-38 to launch 9:30 p.m. newscast

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