Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Not so WILD about Boston...?

In 1999, Radio One purchased Brockton's WCAV-FM (97.7) for the price of $10 million, and created WBOT - Hot97.7...eventually flipping the call letters to WILD-FM (An unheard of price for a small Brockton-based signal. And they were going to aim the format at Boston?)

Today, after a signal upgrade, Radio One is selling that signal to Entercom for $30 million, who promptly replaced the urban format with a simulcast of WAAF.

The Globe's coverage, here....

Entercom to buy Boston's WILD-FM for $30 million

The Herald's coverage here...

Boston's WILD-FM acquired by Entercom for $30 million

WILD-AM(1090) is not part of the sale, but drops it's talk format, and flips to Contemporary Gospel music. (Radio One is trying to sell WILD-AM, but has not had many suitors for the daytime only signal..With no pre-sunrise authority.)

Local morning host Jimmy Myers finds himself out of a job...again.

It appears Radio One is giving up on Boston.

Many were hoping that Radio One was here to stay, and would eventually procure one of the bigger downtown signals.

So, now the city is less one more format...and gains a simulcast? Why?

I guess you can't blame Radio One....turning $10 million into $30 million in 7 years.
(Not a bad return on an investment!)

Does WAAF have such an inferiority complex that they would pay 30 million to rebroadcast their own signal?

WAAF's Signal

WILD-FM's signal

How much more advertising will WAAF generate now that they have marginally enhanced their coverage with the 97.7FM signal?
(Is it enough to cover the purchase price?)

The Herald's Joe Fitgerald writes about what the loss of WILD means to Boston.

WILD radio sale leaves black community sold out

And Herald business reporter Jesse Noyes also coverslocal l reaction to the change.

Rap lovers not too WILD over station’s change

Some local bloggers weigh in with

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