Monday, August 28, 2006


Laquidera gone from BOS Now, the spin

Looks like Charles Laquidera has gone on the offensive concerning his seperation from WBOS. First, in the Globe, he writes a Letter to the Editor correcting their characterization of his departure.

And now a word from 'Back Spin' DJ

Next, the gals at the Herald's Inside Track have always been pals with Charles Laquidera. Now they offer this little tidbit

Spies reveal new Spin on ’BOS parting...

"the real reason Charles Laquidara and WBOS parted ways was because
the station believed the Boston radio legend was being too political -
and he wouldn't sit for censorship. Laquidara resigned his gig as host
of a daily one-hour music show called "Back Spin" after catching heat
from station suits for airing his way-left-of-center views on the
prez, the war, etc.

"Our spies in the studio say that after Laquidara played Neil Young's
new tune 'Impeach the President,' he was reprimanded by his boss, who
told him something along the lines of 'We don't do politics, we don't
do news, we rarely do interviews and we don't do controversy. We're an
oasis for our listeners.'"

Reminds me of the old saying, "You can't fire me...I QUIT!"

Interesting spin, but I don't think Charles ever had a say in what songs were chosen to be aired in his deal with WBOS. One of the earliest interviews he gave when he join WBOS said that the station PD will choose the year and the songs...and I'll just add the commentary about the songs from those years.

And why would they be playing a new song (Neil Young's Impeach the President) in a show that featured older music?

Thanks to Raccoonradio for pointing it out!

I don't know whether or not he played the song, but sometimes a station that runs classic hits or classic rock will play a new tune by an older artist. I think WROR had a show like that (Tai on Sunday songs by classic

on the one hand, Chuck said that "the songs they had me play put me to sleep", implying he had no control over what songs to pick, but the Herald article hints that he did play the Neil Young tune. Maybe he just played an excerpt?
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