Monday, August 28, 2006


Laquidera gone from BOS Now, the spin

Looks like Charles Laquidera has gone on the offensive concerning his seperation from WBOS. First, in the Globe, he writes a Letter to the Editor correcting their characterization of his departure.

And now a word from 'Back Spin' DJ

Next, the gals at the Herald's Inside Track have always been pals with Charles Laquidera. Now they offer this little tidbit

Spies reveal new Spin on ’BOS parting...

"the real reason Charles Laquidara and WBOS parted ways was because
the station believed the Boston radio legend was being too political -
and he wouldn't sit for censorship. Laquidara resigned his gig as host
of a daily one-hour music show called "Back Spin" after catching heat
from station suits for airing his way-left-of-center views on the
prez, the war, etc.

"Our spies in the studio say that after Laquidara played Neil Young's
new tune 'Impeach the President,' he was reprimanded by his boss, who
told him something along the lines of 'We don't do politics, we don't
do news, we rarely do interviews and we don't do controversy. We're an
oasis for our listeners.'"

Reminds me of the old saying, "You can't fire me...I QUIT!"

Interesting spin, but I don't think Charles ever had a say in what songs were chosen to be aired in his deal with WBOS. One of the earliest interviews he gave when he join WBOS said that the station PD will choose the year and the songs...and I'll just add the commentary about the songs from those years.

And why would they be playing a new song (Neil Young's Impeach the President) in a show that featured older music?

Thanks to Raccoonradio for pointing it out!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Not so WILD about Boston...?

In 1999, Radio One purchased Brockton's WCAV-FM (97.7) for the price of $10 million, and created WBOT - Hot97.7...eventually flipping the call letters to WILD-FM (An unheard of price for a small Brockton-based signal. And they were going to aim the format at Boston?)

Today, after a signal upgrade, Radio One is selling that signal to Entercom for $30 million, who promptly replaced the urban format with a simulcast of WAAF.

The Globe's coverage, here....

Entercom to buy Boston's WILD-FM for $30 million

The Herald's coverage here...

Boston's WILD-FM acquired by Entercom for $30 million

WILD-AM(1090) is not part of the sale, but drops it's talk format, and flips to Contemporary Gospel music. (Radio One is trying to sell WILD-AM, but has not had many suitors for the daytime only signal..With no pre-sunrise authority.)

Local morning host Jimmy Myers finds himself out of a job...again.

It appears Radio One is giving up on Boston.

Many were hoping that Radio One was here to stay, and would eventually procure one of the bigger downtown signals.

So, now the city is less one more format...and gains a simulcast? Why?

I guess you can't blame Radio One....turning $10 million into $30 million in 7 years.
(Not a bad return on an investment!)

Does WAAF have such an inferiority complex that they would pay 30 million to rebroadcast their own signal?

WAAF's Signal

WILD-FM's signal

How much more advertising will WAAF generate now that they have marginally enhanced their coverage with the 97.7FM signal?
(Is it enough to cover the purchase price?)

The Herald's Joe Fitgerald writes about what the loss of WILD means to Boston.

WILD radio sale leaves black community sold out

And Herald business reporter Jesse Noyes also coverslocal l reaction to the change.

Rap lovers not too WILD over station’s change

Some local bloggers weigh in with

Thursday, August 17, 2006


More Catching Up....

Hello Again, I am back after a little hiatus.

If you haven't checked-in in awhile, you may want to scroll down and read the first installment of catching-up on the 8/17 post titled, "We're Back....!"

In the meantime....More....

_Bergeron: I'll pass on GMA gig_

He doesn't want the ABC job....?

Hmmmm....He certainly appeared to want the gig.

WAAF's Mistress Carrie To Bring Boston To Baghdad

Methuen resident, and WAAF jock Mistress Carrie is off to entertain the troops in Iraq! Here she is getting outfitted in her camouflage!

WESX remembers the glory days

''This is The Primary News Medium for the North Shore -- WESX in Historic Salem, Massachusetts."

The plans to change ownership and programming of WESX was covered earlier this

Providence listeners might remember Rick Everett.
A Top 40 jock who once worked at the old JB105, and other stations.

Rick is now the PD of Clear Channel's B-101(WWBB) and WSNE(Coast-FM) in Providence

Does anyone remember Jeff Wyatt who worked at Kiss 108?

Jeff is now the "Chief Programming Officer" for Red Zebra broadcasting, a new company started by Bennett Zier.

John Gheron at one time was a VP at American Radio Systems(ARS) when it owned WRKO and WROR, etc.

John was once a jock at WLS in it's Top 40 days.

Gheron is now running Oprah Winfrey's "Harpo Productions". He will be overseeing programming for "Oprah and Friends", which debuts on XM sattelite radio in Septmeber.

WABC/NYC harkens back to it's Top 40 days.

Now that Oldies WCBS-FM in New York flipped format, WABC debuted an Oldies show on Saturday Nights from 6-10PM.

WABC comes in pretty well in New England after dark. Mark Simone will host the program.
Sound like fun! Oldies on AM!

Bruce Mittman buys a NY Radio group

Bruce once worked with Opie and Anthony at WAAF....and also was GM of Star93.7.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


We're back...!

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have been absent for the last month or so while I was hospitalized for some medical issues. Thank you to everyone who was nice enough to call and send cards. The calls and cards really lifted my spirits!

Now, we have a little "catching up" to do....!

RIP Cosmic Muffin

The man known to Boston radio listeners as the "Cosmic Muffin" has died. Darrell Martinie was 63. He died at his home in Saugus after battling cancer.

Martinie spent 3 decades dispensing advice on radio stations in Boston, and also was syndicated to stations nationwide. In 1993, he was named the state's official astrologer by then-Governor William Weld.

Known also for his eye-catching clothes, Martinie was tagged with the on-air name Cosmic Muffin by Boston radio personality Charles Laquidara, who took it from a National Lampoon parody song.

And from the "I don't believe there are really people like this" department, local blogger Domenico Bettinelli discusses why Darrell Martinie should not be allowed a proper funeral. Jeesh! Some people need to spend more time looking inward and not outward.

Mindich's Son inherits the Phoenix's Empire?

Is this nepotism? I guess that's the way it works in a family business. I admit I know nothing about Brad, and it appears he has put in his time at the Phoenix....But didn't anyone else have a chance at this position? ...Or was it his from the day he was born?

It all started at a small 1,000 Watt radio station in.....


Yes, indeed! It appears that Greater Media's first station was in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Now, Boston based Greater Media recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary.

A long way to come with (essentially) the same ownership.

And, speaking of Greater Media.....

Phil Redo named market manager for Greater Media Boston.

I'm told that "Market Manager" is basically a General Manager for all of the five stations Greater Media owns in Boston. WROR, WMJX, WBOS, WKLB, WTKK.

Phil returns to Greater Media, where he was the PD of Magic 106.7 (WMJX) in the late 80's.

Phil will also be in the chair to oversee the acquisition of 102.5, and the disposal of 99.5 ....As well as the subsequent format flips between 102.5 and 99.5

Some may remember Phil as a jock at the old WROR (98.5) in the Berkowitz days....As well as time spend on the Cape. Phil was also the PD who signed on Viacom's legendary WLTW in New York. And, from what we hear...."A really nice guy....!" ;-)

Howdy Kids....HOWDY REX!

Rex Trailer recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his legendary kid's show at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway.

Rex was one of the hardest working guys in TV. While doing the show, he was making appearances all over the state at every fair and parade. Most who grew up watching him on TV....also remember him doing live appearances all over.

You can check out some pictures at Rex's web site, including Rex with Frank Avruch (our local "Bozo"!), as well as his longtime co-host, "Sergeant Billy"! (Just scroll down to "Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater".)

Rope tricks, guitar playing, and cracking a whip!

What a guy!

Charlie Curtis is the new Morning host at North Shore 104.9.

After transitioning from the classical format, Charlie now plays oldies in the morning.

Check out his web
(Scroll down the page...He looks just like Bugs Bunny!) ;-)

And, in case you hadn't heard....

Spinners out at UMass station

The idea of carrying the Spinners at U-Mass Lowell's WUML is over.

Is the experiment with the Lowell Sun running "The SUN-rise Show" still on the air?

Student programming and Chris Lydon's "Open Source" program continue.

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