Friday, May 05, 2006


WBZ's Joe Green Dies at 76

WBZ's Joe Green Dies at 76

Millions of WBZ listeners eagerly waited to hear what Joe Green had to tell them about clogged Boston roads every day. He was a staple of WBZ'S morning and afternoon news coverage and on occasion he would be called into save some of his listeners.

Joe Green died at his Beverly home on Wednesday May 3, 2006 bringing an end to a life that was spent helping people. He was a Boston Police Officer in 1952 when he learned to fly. It was at that point that his life took off in another direction. His "hobby" became his passion and that passion led him to become Boston's only helicopter pilot also doing his own traffic reports.

There will never be another Joe Green. His signature reports, " Joe Green for the BZ copter" and expressions like" bumper thumper" made him an unique traffic reporter. He will be sadly missed.
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