Thursday, May 11, 2006


New talker for Worcester and Central Mass?

WCRN in Worcester
has dumped the "True Oldies" satellite favor of a talk. Carrying ex-WRKO-er Peter Blute for a local morning show.....and WRKO fed Howie Carr in afternoon-drive. While they still have some sales-oriented financial talk in middays 9AM to 1PM.....they also add Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Jerry Doyle and Doug Stephan

You can look at the entire schedule here.

WCRN was started by the Carter family, who have owned WROL in Boston and WACE in Chicopee(Springfield), which were mainly barter and sold religion. This appears to be the only station they kept and did not flip to religion.

If I am correct, they one of only 2 50,000 watt Massachusetts radio stations outside of Boston. (The other being WNNZ/Springfield)

You can see WCRN's daytime signal here.

They have a construction permit for their night signal, which covers Worcester, Fitchburg and "Metro-West" rather well.

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