Friday, May 05, 2006


Gr Media Ends it's negotiation with the Red Sox

Greater Media announced today that it is ending it's negotiation with the Red Sox.

Braintree, MA: Greater Media, Inc. announces it has withdrawn from the bidding process for the future broadcast rights for the Boston Red Sox.

“This was a difficult decision, but at the end of the day, the deal didn’t make economic sense for the company," said Peter Smyth, President and CEO of Greater Media, Inc.

There were those who said it was a 'done deal' with the Red Sox going to WBOS.

You may have read this comment from one of those reckless website:

[Some so-called well-known industry recap-and-speculate website somewhere took a shot, a zing or what have you at little BRW this week for rushing to declare the deal as all done. BRW still fully stands by its confirmation. Anyone wants to buy a mug or T-shirt : "BRW says it's a done deal"? If the deal doesn't happen, it's 50% off all merchandise. Things I do for street cred around here. ]

I'll take that Mug, T-shirt or any other merchandise I can buy that say's "BRW says it's a done deal"!

And about that "street cred"......?

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