Wednesday, May 17, 2006


What's up at WBUR...?

One of the complains heard over and over during the Jane Christo reign at WBUR was that they chose to forgo localness for the lure of making every show national, by syndicating them thru NPR, PRI, etc.

Paul La Camera has been in the General Managers job, and now wants the station to put down roots in Boston.

Paul La Camera wants formerly high-flying WBUR to put down civic roots

The question is.....if the station starts to emphasize "localness"...what does that do to the programming that has been paying the bills thru syndication?

(You can also download & print the article as a .pdf file, here. )

Friday, May 12, 2006


From Ashmont to NYC....

Here is an article that recently appeared in the Globe about Cherry Martinez, who started at WERS and WILD....and is now at WWPR-FM (Power 105.1) in New York.

Cherry on top
A voice once heard around Ashmont Hill is heating up NY radio

You can check out her page on the Power 105.1 web site here.

She also has her own website:, which apparently isn't set up yet.....

Thursday, May 11, 2006


New talker for Worcester and Central Mass?

WCRN in Worcester
has dumped the "True Oldies" satellite favor of a talk. Carrying ex-WRKO-er Peter Blute for a local morning show.....and WRKO fed Howie Carr in afternoon-drive. While they still have some sales-oriented financial talk in middays 9AM to 1PM.....they also add Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Jerry Doyle and Doug Stephan

You can look at the entire schedule here.

WCRN was started by the Carter family, who have owned WROL in Boston and WACE in Chicopee(Springfield), which were mainly barter and sold religion. This appears to be the only station they kept and did not flip to religion.

If I am correct, they one of only 2 50,000 watt Massachusetts radio stations outside of Boston. (The other being WNNZ/Springfield)

You can see WCRN's daytime signal here.

They have a construction permit for their night signal, which covers Worcester, Fitchburg and "Metro-West" rather well.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Gr Media Ends it's negotiation with the Red Sox

Greater Media announced today that it is ending it's negotiation with the Red Sox.

Braintree, MA: Greater Media, Inc. announces it has withdrawn from the bidding process for the future broadcast rights for the Boston Red Sox.

“This was a difficult decision, but at the end of the day, the deal didn’t make economic sense for the company," said Peter Smyth, President and CEO of Greater Media, Inc.

There were those who said it was a 'done deal' with the Red Sox going to WBOS.

You may have read this comment from one of those reckless website:

[Some so-called well-known industry recap-and-speculate website somewhere took a shot, a zing or what have you at little BRW this week for rushing to declare the deal as all done. BRW still fully stands by its confirmation. Anyone wants to buy a mug or T-shirt : "BRW says it's a done deal"? If the deal doesn't happen, it's 50% off all merchandise. Things I do for street cred around here. ]

I'll take that Mug, T-shirt or any other merchandise I can buy that say's "BRW says it's a done deal"!

And about that "street cred"......?


WBZ's Joe Green Dies at 76

WBZ's Joe Green Dies at 76

Millions of WBZ listeners eagerly waited to hear what Joe Green had to tell them about clogged Boston roads every day. He was a staple of WBZ'S morning and afternoon news coverage and on occasion he would be called into save some of his listeners.

Joe Green died at his Beverly home on Wednesday May 3, 2006 bringing an end to a life that was spent helping people. He was a Boston Police Officer in 1952 when he learned to fly. It was at that point that his life took off in another direction. His "hobby" became his passion and that passion led him to become Boston's only helicopter pilot also doing his own traffic reports.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


WSBK on 'shuffle' mode...?

With the changes that are coming to Ch's 38 & 56, and the arrival of the CW Network, Channel 38 is shuffling around their news programs.

WSBK will shuffle its news offerings

Channel 38 has tried multiple times to create a news audience without much luck. Can anyone remember when they aired a newscast at 10PM to compete with the others? "WBZ News at 10" (...except that it wasn't on WBZ!) Apparently the rating for that were lower than low.

They are now bailing out of the morning news game....handing the win over to Fox 25.

Now they are starting a 30 minute newscast at 9:30?

Do you think they will be able to create any steam with that?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



No, nothing about the WCRB sale to Greater Media....

Nothing on the Red Sox Radio deal....

However, just the news I know you've been waiting for....

Ray Brown has a bird watching show on WATD!

Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds!

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